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Feb 4 By Aziz Kamara

If you want to become a capable marketer, you HAVE to become adept at building landing pages that convert.  I rarely direct link any campaign that I create, and I haven’t come across a successful long-term marketer who direct links for a living.  You might as well get a business card that says “Middle Man” for your job position if that’s all you do.

Landing pages, however, isn’t the easiest to catch on, especially if you’re just starting and have no technical background.  Even the best marketers have trouble with landing pages because it requires design and coding (HTML, Javascript, etc.) in addition to all the marketing complications that come with it.

Finch Sells

So where do you even begin?  Enter Finch.  If you haven’t heard, Finch is one of the more popular and successful affiliate marketers you will come across and runs the well-known Finch Sells.  With his mastery of the art of marketing, he comes through where I do not by sending the exact marketing message that push conversion rates to their very limits.  As one of the few true innovators of unique campaign approaches in our industry, his ingenuity in copywriting, campaign angles, and full grasp of the traffic and sales spectrum is on full display in his Premium Posts.

I highly recommend you check out Finch’s Premium Posts Volume 1, which is focused specifically on Plenty of Fish.  This recommendation is purely based on my opinion that for the price, Volume 1 provides tremendous value.  I do not get affiliate commissions with this recommendation, and I simply think Premium Posts Volume 1 complements the POF 7-Day Mastery Guide in an incredible manner.  It’s unique and highly applicable information that you will not find anywhere.  I can’t stress the originality of Volume 1 enough, and that goes for all the Premium Posts.

For landing pages specifically, Finch lays out a wireframe of how his landing pages are typically organized.  He divides the landing page into specific sections, which he has tested over time to work, and explains in detail in terms of what you should put in what section.  If you want a deeper dive into landing pages, which is one of the most important skills to obtain for marketing success, you won’t find a better source of information.  Beyond landing pages, Volume 1 will help you write better copy, immerse yourself in your demographics’ mindsets, and jolt your creativity in campaign creation. I have been telling everyone who I coach to turn to Volume 1 for marketing insights and landing page learning. So get on it!

Finch Sells

@Finch: Can’t wait for Volume 4!

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  • Premium Posts Volume 1 is solid for sure.  Finch is the man at copy and coming up with campaign angles.

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