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Migrating to ThriveTracker: Made Easy

Posted By Kelly Holleran on Jul 11 2018

The thought of moving your data can be daunting one. But, it doesn’t need to be. Migrating to ThriveTracker is much less invasive than you may think. Read on and learn how ThriveTracker simplifies this difficult task.

Affiliate World Europe: ThriveTracker’s Guide to Barcelona

Posted By Olivia Epstein on Jun 20 2018

Headed to Affiliate World Europe? To help you map out your trip to one of the most popular destinations in the world, we’ve compiled a list of ThriveTracker’s “Must Dos”.

GDPR Privacy Policies and Compliance

Posted By on May 22 2018

Summary of Changes GDPR places new obligations on organizations that process EU personal data. As a result, we’ve updated our Privacy Policy to better explain the rights of our clients/users and their relationship with ThriveTracker.   What is GDPR? GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a comprehensive update to European Union law regarding data protection and…

Spotlight: Secondary Click Assignment for Improved ROI

Posted By on Feb 23 2018

If you’ve read about or used our Geo-Redirect / Bot Filter, then you’ve surely noticed ThriveTracker provides some exceptional functionality available directly within our platform. There is no need for subscriptions to other 3rd party applications to make the most of your campaigns. Tech like this allows you to determine exactly who makes it into…

Improving the Little Things for a Better Quality of Life

Posted By on Feb 1 2018

2018 is here and we have goals here at ThriveTracker. Best Support in the Industry-then-Best Speeds in the Industry-then-Best Dependability in the Industry-then-Best Innovation in the Industry January has been a month all about incorporating this pecking order into our daily operations. Before closing 2017, we also determined January would be the month where we…