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Email Notifications

Posted By ThriveTracker on May 10 2022

How to get the most out of Email notifications? The latest novelty with which ThriveTracker improves and raises its service to a higher level are email notifications. A simple yet powerful tool that comes with many benefits such as reaching Offer Cap Limit and ROI Changes. What exactly are email notifications and why are they…

Spotlight – A Smarter Way to Manage Your Native Ads: ThriveTracker and

Posted By ThriveTracker on Jan 30 2020

Automation is becoming larger in the performance marketing space and for good reason. ThriveTracker is excited to announce that we are now integrated with, an automation tool that allows you to better optimize and manage your native ads. has done the work for you so that you can easily integrate with the largest…

ThriveTracker Goes Dark Mode

Posted By ThriveTracker on Nov 19 2019

ThriveTracker recently released a very useful UI desktop and mobile feature: dark mode. What is it and why do you want it? What Is Dark Mode? Most websites and UI are generally coded with black text on a white background, which can be harsh on the eyes for long periods of time or in low-light….

ThriveTracker’s Latest Release is a Game-Changer for Q4

Posted By ThriveTracker on Oct 23 2019

From the beginning, your feedback has been our top priority – because who knows better about what helps your business than you! Recently, we received a request that was so good, we knew it had to be released to all our Thrive users. Introducing our new Javascript Pixel – and just in time for busy…

ThriveTracker Now Supports E-Commerce Integration

Posted By ThriveTracker on Sep 13 2019

ThriveTracker now offers in-platform integration with e-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce and Shopify. Quickly collate, track, and analyze your customer data!