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Jan 4 By Aziz Kamara

iPyxel Creations Kickoff

Greetings fellow marketers!  I want to take this first post to introduce myself and briefly explain what you can get from this site.

My name is Tom Fang, and I am the founder of iPyxel Creations.  I have been in the affiliate marketing industry for over 2 years now and have derived as much value from converting leads as from the people I have met.  Through my experiences, while I make a good living doing the actual marketing, I have found that I gain much more satisfaction in helping other people become successful, as well as growing and moving the industry forward as a collective.

There is a stigma of secrecy in this community where people do not want to share how they are making their fortunes, which is something I want to try to dissolve.  It is my firm belief that the performance marketing industry can have an incredible future in the mainstream, but that requires everyone to stop worrying about their piece of the pie getting smaller and working in secrecy but rather creating an open dialogue about our individual innovations and baking a bigger pie as a collective.

To that end, I want to dedicate my services and knowledge to this community.  Here is what you can expect:

  • A ton of knowledge that you might only find in paid coaching programs and forums.
  • Innovative ways of approaching each traffic source that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Tools that will save you hours upon hours and help you SCALE.

I will try to provide as much FREE as possible, which includes my time.  I am available on Skype, simply add me through the Contact page.

I will begin with content targeted exclusively at the Plenty of Fish platform, so check back soon or join my mailing list to stay updated.  There will be an automatic ad resubmit tool for POF coming in the next few days!  And there is something MAJOR coming to the POF community in the next few months.  You don’t want to miss it!

Lastly, this site is designed to be simple, straightforward, and no BS.  There is so much crap out there, and I only want to provide what I think is valuable to my audience, not a single letter more.  You can expect that from me always.

See you in cyberspace!


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  • Good stuff Tom! I like the openness. I’m definitely going to work my way through all of the posts here. Also, I have POFPro; it’s amazing!

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