The Hidden Truth: Why We Do What We Do

Jan 25 By Aziz Kamara

Dear Subscribers and Visitors,

My goal with this site is to make every piece of content useful in some way in order to make your performance marketing operation more profitable, whether it’s done through a video tutorial on how to do something, a case study, automation software, or insight into the mechanics of a traffic source.

There are plenty of sites out there that provide performance marketing news, what happened at the last affiliate summit, and rants about the shortcomings of the industry.  This site will not be focused on things that do not move at least some of you forward in learning, and I hope every post leaves you more capable to tackle the obstacles in front of you than it initially found you.

I am, however, going to stray from that mission slightly today to tell you the real reason why we are doing what we are doing.  I think it needs to be said because some people cannot understand why we are doing a lot of this for free: the case studies giving away campaigns, the tools that help save time, and the tutorials that teach you how to use different applications.

Believe it or not, we are not doing all this to get sales for our POF Mastery Guide.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re not complaining about the beyond expected sales, but really at the end of the day it’s just a few expensive dinners; nothing that we are depending our livelihood upon.  For all those who already purchased my guide, you can attest to the fact that the time I spend communicating with you has not changed.

The hidden truth of what our motives are is being involved in this industry, this community, of performance marketers.  I am trying to promote a more active and transparent way of communication, which I find lacking compared to other industries.  Our industry is too fragmented, with marketers working in stealth, isolation, and a general lack of trust, compared to the dominance of a much more cohesive mainstream advertising industry.  This will change in the future as the performance model is by nature more efficient, and the talent we possess in our space is, unquestionably, just better.

I want to establish and build credibility for myself and iPyxel Creations as those who share their knowledge who gives before taking.  I want you to follow me and so we can walk this journey together, and what we are doing here is demonstrating to you why you should.  We are working toward a performance marketing model that’s much bigger than a guide to POF and is based in technology.  Yes, we are planning on charging for the technology platforms we plan to provide, but it’s technology that I will have built with the collective input from all of you.  Sign up to our mailing list on the right side bar now to be a part of the exclusive team that will help build an ad management platform that YOU will demand, starting first with the POF traffic source.

To recap, I want to promote the sharing of methodology (which does not mean handing over the intellectual property of specific campaigns) and promote discussion, which I hope to lead by example.  I will only give you insights with traffic sources that I have monetized significantly.  I have a vested interest in you because I know that your success would become mine in the future.  After you have put your trust in us, I want to co-create customized solutions to performance marketing with you, unlike the vast majority of “tool makers” who work in stealth out of paranoia that someone will steal their idea, and all of a sudden one day you see a sales page.  My promise to you first and foremost is transparency.

We as an industry should be more unified so we can focus on expansion, rather than a piece of the pie.  Take the first step in collaboration and join me in that mission by subscribing now.

Yours truly,

Tom Fang


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