To Direct Link or Not to Direct Link?

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Apr 8 2012

One of the most frequently asked questions: Should I build a landing page or direct link? From my experience, I’ve rarely had properly tested landing pages perform worse than direct linking. This goes back to who’s good at what. Typically, an advertiser’s expertise is in their product and niche industry, which is the precise reason…

Create Your Own Image Variation Packs + the Trick to Mimicking POF’s 110×80 Ads

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Mar 31 2012

In addition to the little POF trick I’m going to demonstrate in this video, I also show you how to apply multiple image variations to any ad, be it POF or Facebook. Through Photoshop Record Actions and Batch Processing, you can create your own library of border, or any other type of, variations that you…

Consolidate Data from Multiple Reports Quickly Using Pivot Tables

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Mar 17 2012

In a previous Excel tutorial on pivot tables, I showed you how you can easily analyze data when you have one large complicated table. What if, however, you had 2 tables? As marketers, we work with multiple networks, tracking platforms, and traffic sources. They each generate their own reports. It’s always been a hassle to…

Organizing Your Image Library via Descriptive Tagging to Find Images Lightning Fast

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Mar 11 2012

If you’ve been in the marketing game for quite some time, you’ve probably built up a huge image library over time.  As this collection gets bigger and bigger, it becomes very difficult to find the images that you need when you need them. Personally, I have a very specific system of organizing my own images….

Need Landing Page Help? Look No Further Than Premium Posts

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Feb 4 2012

If you want to become a capable marketer, you HAVE to become adept at building landing pages that convert.  I rarely direct link any campaign that I create, and I haven’t come across a successful long-term marketer who direct links for a living.  You might as well get a business card that says “Middle Man”…