It’s Coming… AdultAdsPro: The Zen Master Software for Buying Adult Traffic

Jul 7 By Aziz Kamara

Yep, you guessed: all the automation, tracking, optimization, and overall mass campaign management capabilities that we created for our THRIVE Tracker product will be coming to adult media buying soon.

If you’ve used THRIVE, or have heard about all the positive value the product is able to create, you know the absolute precision and hard work we put into the product, and we will do that with the same vigor, except this time, we’ve learned MANY lessons and will do an even better job.

Why You Can’t Ignore Adult

Many of the top 100 largest sites in the world are adult sites, and the stigma of adult advertising is lessening with the mainstream media reporting on innovation in the space such as with PaintBottle.

More and more advertisers are willing to accept adult traffic due to cheaper costs, and the ad approvals are, of course, a lot less stringent than any other type of traffic. The traffic’s potential is still untapped, and there is a lot of it out there.

With the rise of adult advertising, demand-side technology for media buyers has, on the other hand, been non-existent. That’s the hole we’re looking to fill for all the media buyers and direct advertisers out there with AdultAdsPro.

We want AdultAdsPro to be a single point of touch to access the largest adult ad networks, and be able to effortlessly track, automate, and optimize your campaigns. We want to take the pain out of slow reporting, slow redirects, and tedious uploading processes and streamline it into one world class interface.

Checkout AdultAdsPro Now.

Be the First to Sign Up for Beta

We’ve been hard at work already and have a primitive version of the software running on our own servers.

The first ad network we’re going to integrate is ExoClick, which has 2.8+ billion daily impressions. We will be integrating more ad networks subsequently.

When we come out with a beta, we will need beta testers to stress test the system, especially if you run high volume at ExoClick.

To get in early on the ground floor with the first mover advantage with AdultAdsPro, enter your email at to reserve your spot in the beta. We’ll keep you updated as soon as it’s released.

If you’re advertising on ExoClick or have serious intentions to do so, DO NOT miss this!

Reserve Your Spot in Beta

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