Ad Making: Touch-Up, Crop, and Resize in less than 30 seconds!

Jan 22 By Aziz Kamara

I think a lot of people spend too much time tinkering with their ad images.

Learn how to touch up your images, frame the part of the image you want, crop, and resize to the exact dimensions required for your ad upload.

This can easily be done under 30 seconds, and if you do it a dozen times you will be able to do it under 15 seconds.  I timed myself once and I did it in 11 seconds.  How fast can you do  one?

Finding the images that convert should be the more time consuming task!

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  • nice to see how others do it. I haven’t been using the auto color stuff just vibrance and contrast.

    I usually paste the image into a pre-sized 110×80 canvas and use ctrl+t to proportionally scale it into and crop it as I like.

  • Another helpful post, I used to use gimp and paint to resize my images haha
    With this process it takes me half the time now

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