We’ve Redesigned ThriveTracker’s UI with You in Mind

ThriveTracker is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned user interface. We wanted to create a look that better represented who we are in 2018, and this cleaner, sleeker platform is just the right feel. With our goal to never stop improving, we’re excited to offer a more visually appealing and optimized experience for our users.

User Interface Gets a Facelift

While we love the innovative functions and features of our current platform, it was time to give our UI a more aesthetically pleasing refresh. The new look focuses on cleaner lines, simpler fonts, and a minimalistic color scheme that highlights your data with less distraction.

For current users, every process you knew from our previous platform remains the same. All buttons, dropdowns, graphs, etc. remain the same, so there’s no worry about a learning curve slowing you down. Just #thriveon as usual and enjoy the new and improved look!

For those of you looking into using ThriveTracker, we’d like to think now is a better time than ever to join. We know using a performance marketing tracker is not the easiest thing to learn, so why not at least give yourself the benefit of a clean, easy to navigate foundation?

More Mobile Friendly Design

We know how important it is to have quick access to your ThriveTracker account on the go, and that’s why we’re continually improving our platform’s mobile optimization. Our new design is more mobile friendly, which means fewer moving parts and quicker access to your data. We’re constantly trying to improve user experience for our customers!

Explore the New Look

If you’re a current ThriveTracker customer and you haven’t seen the new design yet, we encourage you to log in to your account and take a look around. All accounts have already been updated with the new design.

If you’re a prospective user, check out the demo of ThriveTracker. You’re able to explore every facet of our powerful platform with the refreshed UI design.

Interested in signing up with ThriveTracker? Our team is ready to help! Email sales@thrivetracker.com to get started.

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