ThriveTracker’s Latest Release is a Game-Changer for Q4

Oct 23 By ThriveTracker

From the beginning, your feedback has been our top priority – because who knows better about what helps your business than you! Recently, we received a request that was so good, we knew it had to be released to all our Thrive users.

Introducing our new Javascript Pixel – and just in time for busy Q4.

As the Ecomm influx begins for the holiday season, we want to make sure you are equipped with the necessary tools to make this your best performing Q4 yet.

The New Javascript Pixel:

The javascript pixel allows you to easily track user activity on a website, such as when a visitor clicks on a specific call-to-action button. Our javascript code is placed in the header of your webpage, then the corresponding postback function can be placed wherever you want to track the conversion on the page (a specific button, call-to-action, etc).

Additional Parameters:

In addition to our Javascript Pixel, we’ve added 5 additional parameters (s1 through s5) to all of our postback pixels. This allows for additional variable tracking on a conversion. You can add in any static or dynamic variable that you wish to track such as product names/IDs, additional source information, and so on.

Interested in setting up the new Javascript Pixel or additional postback pixel parameters? Follow this link to our support page on the set-up instructions.

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