ThriveTracker’s 2018 In Review

Jan 18 By Raven Chapman

2018 was an incredible year for ThriveTracker. From redesigning our interface to expanding partnerships and updating our multi-user access module, the ThriveTracker team has kept busy delivering game-changing updates and optimizations centered around your needs. Join us as we look back at our exciting achievements in 2018.


Secondary Click Assignment

Early in the year, we were pleased to introduce our new Secondary Click Assignment capability, specifically produced for improved ROI. Our Geo-Redirect/Bot Filter provides exceptional functionality directly within the platform, allowing you to determine exactly which clicks make it into your campaign and which clicks are directed elsewhere. Why is this a big deal?  Prior to the secondary click assignment feature, filtered clicks could only be sent away from your campaigns, costing you time and money.

Secondary click assignment allows you to create unlimited filters from 17 unique rules, ensuring that you are better able to target your ideal audiences. These filtered clicks can now go to another of your campaigns, per your choice, and bring the same great data and insights along as well. Your original campaign gets only the best traffic while the other campaign receives these filtered visitors, allowing more opportunities to collect profits. Are you ready to increase your ROI? If so, read more here about how you can implement this exciting new function!


Redesigned User Interface

This past summer, ThriveTracker launched a brand new user interface with a sleeker design aimed at optimizing your experience in a more aesthetically appealing platform. What does that mean for you? Cleaner lines, simpler fonts, and a minimalistic color scheme that allows you to focus on what matters most: your data.

Additionally, we made the first round of improvements to the platform’s mobile optimization, providing you with faster access to your campaign operations when you’re on the go. Our designs are user-friendly with an intuitive flow – something we believed was key given the complex nature of performance marketing trackers. As always, we are dedicated to continuous improvement of your experience. Want to experience a taste of this amazing environment? Check out our free demo today!


Strategic Updates to Multi-User Access Module

We rolled out some exciting updates to our Multi-User Access Module throughout the year. ThriveTracker not only gives you the capability to assign multiple users to the same account but goes a step further by letting admins create roles with highly specific permissions. This uniquely customizable feature allows you to control who has access, what they can see – down to select campaigns, landing pages, and URL’s – and the extent of their autonomy.

But wait- there’s more. With the advent of this new feature comes an even more exciting possibility: team building. You can now utilize your multi-user access tools to facilitate a more comprehensive and collaborative team experience. Create new “networks” to the account personalized for each user, attach these networks to the offers for each of your user’s campaigns, and use the “Affiliate Networks” tab to manage the performance for each team member in a scoreboard format. Your team is ready for a smarter, more collaborative solution, so read our full blog on the updates and provide them with the best!


Cookie-Less Landing Page Pixel

Another exciting update was the introduction of our new cookie-less landing page pixel. While browser cookies have historically been the default tracking method, new regulations and advancements have the cookie quickly losing ground. In response, we created our new and improved Landing Page Pixel, completely unreliant on cookies for tracking direct visits to your landing page. This pixel will recognize which landing page to post clicks to, and redirect visitors to the appropriate offer(s) in your rotation, all without the use of cookies.

This pixel is especially beneficial when tracking mobile or organic traffic, in addition to all traffic coming through Safari browsers. Removing cookies can improve mobile connection speeds, boosting campaign success in the growing mobile market. For organic traffic, the pixel is able to track visits to every one of your landing page. Lastly, the pixel improves the quality and longevity of Facebook Ads campaigns tracked by Thrive. With amenities like this, you will never drop another click. Try our 14-day free trial to see the difference for yourself!


ThriveTracker’s Cloud Service Compatible with Parallel Tracking

As of October 2018, Parallel Tracking is now required for all Google Ads campaigns. To provide a smooth transition, ThriveTracker updated the codebase to ensure 100% compatibility. Parallel Tracking was introduced in an effort to speed up load times for landing pages by separating tracking parameters from the landing page’s URL. Instead of the widely-accepted process of loading a tracking URL (to capture valuable insight data) and then redirecting to the Adwords click tracker before the landing page, Parallel Tracking sends the visitor straight to the final landing page while tracking operations occur in the background.

There are countless benefits to Parallel Tracking, including decreased load times. According to Google, an increase in load time of just one second can decrease conversions by a massive 20 percent. When implemented correctly, Parallel Tracking means your users are more likely to convert! If you’ve been running traffic through Google Ads, read more about how easy it is to set up Parallel Tracking in your ThriveTracker account!


ThriveTracker’s New Dashboard

Last but not least, ThriveTracker released a stunning new dashboard to present your most vital analytics in an advanced, modern display. While the backbone of the dashboard has remained the same, we organized the information for ease of interpretation, providing you with your most valuable metrics in a glance.

Possibly the most exciting part of this update? Our dashboard is now fully mobile responsive. Performance Marketing never sleeps, so we’ve optimized our new dashboard for mobile use at any time, wherever you are.

With this accessibility also comes increased applicability. Yet another new feature is the introduction of applicable metrics such as your top five best and worst performing offers, campaigns, landing pages, and traffic sources. If you’re always on the move and looking for meaningful info at all times, this is a game-changer for you and your business. All of these features can be experienced through our 14-day free trial. This makes ThriveTracker the perfect platform for the media buyer constantly on the go, so check out our New Dashboard and get started today.

2018 was an incredible year of new features, partnerships, redesigns, and more. We look forward to what this next year has in store and are excited to bring you along for the ride!

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