ThriveTracker Goes Dark Mode

Nov 19 By ThriveTracker

ThriveTracker recently released a very useful UI desktop and mobile feature: dark mode. What is it and why do you want it?

What Is Dark Mode?

Most websites and UI are generally coded with black text on a white background, which can be harsh on the eyes for long periods of time or in low-light. ThriveTracker affiliate tracking software recently updated with a solution – Dark Theme. To ease the eyes, users can now toggle between the standard UI, and the new dark mode. ThriveTracker’s Dark Theme has light text on a darker background for easier viewing, especially at night or in dark environments. The warmer contrast and colors used in dark mode reduce glare and help eyes adjust more easily to surrounding light for comfortable reading.

ThriveTracker Dark Mode
ThriveTracker Dark Mode Dashboard

Why Use Dark Mode?

Eye strain eventually catches up to everyone. ThriveTracker’s Dark Theme decreases screen brightness which reduces eye strain for users in the new UI.

This darker design reduces light emitted by your screen while maintaining contrast for easy reading and reduced levels of blue light emissions. The longer you’re exposed to blue light, the more it can affect your well-being. Did you know excess blue light affects the circadian rhythm, which in turn makes it much more difficult to fall asleep at night?

A bonus feature of using dark mode is its ability to conserve battery life – less light means less power used!

Try It Today

If you haven’t tried ThriveTracker’s new dark mode, try it out! Switch between light and dark modes in different environments and see which is more comfortable for you. To access, simply click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of any page in thrive, then select the Dark Theme option.

ThriveTracker is constantly taking feedback and making updates to improve its affiliate tracking platform. Have an update you’d like to see? Reach out! Email to share your ideas with the team.

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