Thrive Adds Day-Parting Redirection Rules, Referrer-Based Rules, & Offer Notes

Dec 8 By Aziz Kamara

We’ve just added several very useful features to Thrive. Check it out!

Day-Parting Redirection Rules

Yes, you can finally create redirection rules by time of day!

This will allow you to day-part your rotations so you can activate a different funnel for your campaigns based on time of day.

To check this out, create a new redirect normally, and select “Time of Day”:

Simply enter in the start and stop time that this rule will be active, select the time zone, and click Save Times.

Once you save the rule, any landing pages and offers that you add to this redirect rule will only be applied during the times that you set.

Redirection Rule based on Referrer

You can also now create redirection rules based on the referrer of the visitor.

The rule allows wildcard matching using the * symbol. The * symbol basically means “any string”.

For example, if you want to match whenever the referrer contains “spider” anywhere, then you can enter the rule as *spider*

You can even match your visitor when the referrer is blank. Just use [empty] to signify a blank referrer.

Write Descriptive Offer Notes

When you start to have a lot of offers in Thrive, you may want to be able to write some notes about the offer such as what’s allowed, and not allowed.

You can now add additional notes to any offer by editing that offer:

You can write any kind of notes in there, but I would try to keep it succinct so it’s not wordy.

Once you add the notes, you can simply view the notes by hovering over the offer name:

We hope these new features will help you guys out in your Thrive campaign management!

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