The Future of Tracking: AI

The Future of Tracking: AI

The premier performance marketing tracker just got even better… ThriveTracker is thrilled to announce that, for a limited time, we are offering FREE AI! As a premium feature that most competitors charge for, AI is not only in high demand, it’s quickly changing the scene of the affiliate marketing industry. 

What does that mean? It’s a must-have tool for everyone, and we’re offering it in all levels of our plans – from Cloud Lite to Cloud Elite

We’ve been working hard to perfect the machine learning algorithms that govern our artificial intelligence, and we’re ready for the world to see it! But we didn’t want this to be a costly feature. The future is AI, and we want the future to be accessible. 

For the month of July, we are giving you exclusive access to free AI. For life. That’s right – if you sign up today or activate AI in your existing Thrive account, you will have access to this feature entirely free of cost, forever. 

Free AI. For life.

Why are we doing this? Because when you succeed, so do we.  And we’re pretty excited about this new feature. With AI, you can quickly split test your offers, get results in real time, and increase your campaign efficiency. As AI collects information on campaigns, it regulates and distributes traffic based on performance, automatically optimizing the features of each campaign and increasing your profits. You can set the parameters of calculation method – ROI, EPC, or conversion rate – and our AI will create the most profitable results based on your indicated preferences.

Are you currently at AWE? Stop by booth #C44 and say hi to our sales rep, Jason. He’ll be able to walk you through this new feature release, help you get set up with AI, and start earning more on your campaigns today! 

Ready to get started? Click here to learn how to start implementing free* AI today.

*offer ends July 31st, 2019

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