Spotlight – A Smarter Way to Manage Your Native Ads: ThriveTracker and

Jan 30 By ThriveTracker
ThriveTracker and AdGenius

Automation is becoming larger in the performance marketing space and for good reason. ThriveTracker is excited to announce that we are now integrated with, an automation tool that allows you to better optimize and manage your native ads. has done the work for you so that you can easily integrate with the largest native traffic sources in the industry including, MGID, Outbrain, Taboola, and Revcontent.

Accurate CPC Values Sent Right to Your Thrive Campaigns

The most exciting feature for Thrive users is that allows you to automatically update the Default CPC for any of your native campaigns in Thrive. While not all Native sources have macros currently available to push their CPC value through to trackers, AdGenius makes it easy to make sure you are tracking the most accurate CPC. They regularly pull the true CPC straight from the native traffic source, into AdGenius, and into Thrive for you. This means no more manual cost updates! This tool is only available for Thrive users right now too!

Some of’s popular features include:

Auto Bidding to adjust bids automatically based on a campaign’s real time performance. You can set up numerous rules to let the system automatically adjust your bids based on true performance.

Auto Blocking to automatically block any placements that aren’t performing as well as you need them to. 

An Ad Uploader tool where you can create multiple ad combinations for any number of campaigns in just a few easy clicks. Do you want to upload the same ad to campaigns across different sources? No problem!

A day parting tool that allows you to boost or pause campaigns for any given day or time when you know they perform best or underperform.

Budget Monitoring so you never miss an approaching budget again.

They also have Daily Cap indicators to easily visualize approaching budgets. As your spend increases, the indicator will fill up and will turn to red when it reaches 80% (or your set threshold).

How to Get Started

Interested in signing up for You can sign up here:

You can read a more detailed guide on getting set up with Thrive and here:
For those coming from and looking to try ThriveTracker for the first time, we are looking forward to working with you! We have a FREE 14 Day Trial for you to give us a try and we also have a special offer for you to enjoy when you signup. For more information, send an email with your interest to and we will help get you set up!

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