Top 5 Ways to Organize ThriveTracker for Long-Term Success

Organizing your tracker is key to running successful campaigns and increasing your profit. Here at ThriveTracker, we provide you with as many organizational tools as possible to position you for success. While the possibilities are endless, we’ve identified our top 5 favorite ways to organize within Thrive. Check out the tips below!


1. Label Items Clearly


Here you’ll see a snapshot of two leaderboards from the platform dashboard. If you were looking at this on a mobile phone while at dinner with friends, you would likely have a hard time knowing exactly what all of these different offers and campaigns are. Label them clearly to give yourself the best chance of having a true reference point at all times.

These leaderboards provide exact information for immediate consumption, no matter where you are. Don’t let a lack of clarity stop you from making the best decisions in a flash.


2. Campaign Type



In addition to naming your various items clearly, it’s extremely useful to classify them under some very obvious “types,” pictured above. 



You have the option to then scale down the view of your campaigns in the campaigns menu using the “Type” drop down menu. This provides you the opportunity to segment your results in smaller, easier groupings for consumption.


3. Campaign Tags



This screenshot comes from the global drill-down menu, where you have the option to drill-down your data across multiple campaigns in a single report. One of the best ways to do this more efficiently is to properly “tag” your campaigns during the setup process.



Doing so when you’re creating or editing a campaign is key! Not only will it allow for easier methods of creating and analyzing drill-down reports, but you can also assign campaign access to your media buying teams with ease when tagging campaigns correctly.



Further still, you can view stats for the tags themselves in the Campaigns menu. If you are managing a team of media buyers and each person is tagging their own campaigns with their name, this can function as a “scoreboard,” allowing for easy access to vital performance data on your team’s activities.


4. Affiliate Networks Menu


Did you know that Thrive allows clients 100% authority over how the “Affiliate Networks” menu is utilized and labeled? Unlike other trackers, there is no underlying universal identification in the background for gathering global reporting data from the userbase, so our clients have complete autonomy in how they can utilize this menu for their own reporting needs.

One example of how to make the most of this table is to label your networks according to your team members – again, providing you (the admin) with a true scope of the performance as it occurs. Don’t let this go to waste!


5. Batch Insert/Delete Offers and Landing Pages








Ready to exchange one expired landing page or offer for a new one? The process is simple and great for when you come across a page that doesn’t produce for you anymore. You don’t need to rebuild campaign rotations in ThriveTracker, you simply have to insert the new one into the mix and remove the old one from it. Work smarter, not harder!


Points of emphasis

  • Do a little extra work up front to organize everything you’re building for the future.
  • Remember, you’re not always going to be viewing this from the comfort of your home office with 3 screens and endless time to remember how you classified something.
  • Organization right now plays a big role in making the future easier to manage, especially when it comes to making profitable decisions in limited time scenarios.

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