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I think it’s fair if we just state the obvious:


There’s a learning curve in Affiliate Marketing, and that learning curve can be steep.


When you consider all of the different factors that go into a successful campaign and then consider scaling those factors across many campaigns, it is certainly not an undertaking that should be looked at lightly. The vast majority of those who come into this business are self-funded entrepreneurs who are looking to make their big break, but if you don’t keep a close eye on things, you can lose those funds you brought to the table in a hurry.


Spending on the wrong traffic? Wasted money at the start.

Sending good traffic to the wrong offer? Wasted money at the end.

Campaigns denied or shut down? Missed opportunities all around.


So we had a brainstorming session – How can ThriveTracker help affiliates get through this learning curve?


If you think about it for a moment, the only other constant force across your entire business (aside from yourself) is your choice in tracking platform. Choosing to work with ThriveTracker means we need to be the best possible business partner you could ever imagine. We need to be responsive to you, teach you things, learn from you, and enable you to be the most effective version of yourself. Providing you with global control over your business means you get the chance to optimize your time and your money. With your success in mind, we created the ThriveTracker Educational Series.

During the 14-day Free Trial that we offer users coming in, we’re going to be providing you with daily emails. Each email is going to bring forth something different in the platform, with the goal to provide you a well-rounded tracking education during the course of your free use of our system. We’ll introduce useful features, habits, organizational tools, goals, and more in a step-by-step manner. ThriveTracker has so much value to offer our users, so we take all 14 days to show it to you. Of course, you are welcome to unsubscribe from our communications, but that doesn’t mean you should lose access to this great material.

For the benefit of all our users – former, current, and future – we’ve included the most important communications right here.

Anatomy of a SubID

Dashboard Tour

Creating a Campaign with ThriveTracker

Analyzing Your First Campaign

Organizational Tools

Meet the Landing Page Pixel

Analyzing Your First Campaign (again!)

Managing 50 Campaigns in 15 Minutes Per Day

Split-Testing Landing Pages

Split-Testing Offer Pages

Using our built-in Geo-Redirect/Bot Filter

Upsell Tracking

Multi-User Access

Batch Editing

Being Savvy with Facebook

API Access

Branches Intro

Swapping and Capping

Even this isn’t ALL of the information at your fingertips. In addition to these communications, there’s so many concepts discussed right here in our various blog posts. We also have a YouTube Channel with narrated video tutorials of platform functions and features, a library of Support Documentation that users can access at any time, and there is always our incredible team of Platform Geniuses ready and willing to help you with any and every request you have.


Whether you’re brand new and looking to create your first-ever campaign, or a seasoned vet who has been through it all, ThriveTracker is here to be a game-changer for you.

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