Spotlight: Secondary Click Assignment for Improved ROI

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If you’ve read about or used our Geo-Redirect / Bot Filter, then you’ve surely noticed ThriveTracker provides some exceptional functionality available directly within our platform. There is no need for subscriptions to other 3rd party applications to make the most of your campaigns. Tech like this allows you to determine exactly who makes it into your campaign and who gets sent elsewhere. The one caveat in using this feature, however, was that a filtered click (for any reason) was then lost from ever reaching a campaign.

Why should you care about that click? Because, for most of you, you paid for that click. 

There are many different options for rules when creating filters (17, in fact!), but only two of those rules pertain directly to eliminating bot traffic. The other 15 available rules are there to help ensure our users are better able to target their ideal audience. With such freedom and ability in mind, we’d also like to give you the chance to capitalize on those filtered clicks.

If you’ve got clicks who aren’t bots, then why not give yourself the chance to still turn a profit on their visit?

Remember: You paid for their attention and action, so let’s send them to a different campaign!

Below, you’ll find what it looks like when you aim to create a new rule in a filter:

With this in mind, when you switch on the “Redirect Page” option, you’ll see this change:

Going forward, just enter a Campaign ID of your choice in the freeform field and all traffic being filtered out of the attempted funnel will then be pushed directly to the new Campaign ID you’ve chosen. Their subID will pass into that campaign as well as all data requested by your ThriveTracker link (macros from the traffic source, custom variables, etc). The result here is your redirected clicks go to a new campaign, chosen by you, with all the same great insight already gathered by their click, and the campaign you sent them to just got another visitor and another chance to profit.

The options for your business are endless:

  • Send all your redirected traffic from various rule sets to one campaign with an offer wall in place, and let them make the best choice for themselves.
  • Send clicks with specific interests to campaigns whose rotations match those interests and the visitor never knows the difference.
  • Split test this functionality based on geographic factors, device insights, and more.
  • Tailor it to exactly what works best for you!

ThriveTracker believes in giving power to the user. This new feature is designed to provide our clients with more power than ever before!

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