Meet Up With Us At ASE 2012!

Aug 5 By Aziz Kamara

ASE 2012

Hey everyone! Tom here. Since Aziz has started spearheading most of the posts here recently, I thought I’d sneak one in to drop you guys a note.

I have been immersed in the development of Ppro, our soon-to-be-released game-changing POF platform. I know that I am WAY late in my prediction to many of you of when it was going to be released on beta, but I just had to make it as awesome as possible. I promise you it will not disappoint!

The main thing I wanted to let you guys know is we will be at ASE 2012 this coming weekend in New York City! I will be there August 10-14th (a little earlier to visit friends), and Aziz will be arriving on the 12th.

We will be staying at the Hilton, where the conference is held, so it will be super convenient to get a hold of us. We’re also planning on going to the Aff Playbook and STM meetups.

If you’d like to meetup definitely hit us up via email, tweet at us, or even call us (number in footer will forward to Aziz’s cell). We’d love to talk shop and learn about what you guys are up to.

If you see me there, I hope to have a demo of Ppro on my laptop so I can give you a sneak peak of the awesomeness. This technology can be applied to other traffic sources as well, so I’d love to hear your opinions on it.

See you there!

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