Lightning-Fast Landing Pages Part 1: Hotspots

Oct 14 By Aziz Kamara

I’ve spent plenty of time messing with all types of landing pages attacking various angles from numerous approaches using a plethora of elements. Yet regardless of what I included in my landers, one thing always remained paramount: speed. In an age where instant response is guaranteed and expected in nearly all facets of life, user’s have become impatient and will quickly become either annoyed by long load times or distracted by something else, causing you to lose in the process. If you’ve got a stellar landing page consisting of a killer angle, it means little to nothing if your target doesn’t actually see your masterpiece. So I wanted to provide a few simple techniques which you can use to speed up your landing pages.

The first technique, explained in the video below, utilizes Dreamweaver’s Hotspot feature. Hotspot allows you to seamlessly create an image map for images in your landing page. Using this technique we can take all of the elements and images we would want in a landing page and combine them all into one large image, thus decreasing the amount of images the browser would have to load, ultimately making our landing pages faster.

Check out the video below to find out how you can boost the speed of your landing page using hotspots!

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  • Thanks! Awesome video!

    But may I know how do you create the big image at the first place? It would be nice if you can shoot another video explaining that!

    Thanks again!

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