Connect Your POF Data to P202 or CPVLab Data to Calculate Creative ROI

Feb 10 By Aziz Kamara

POF Campaign Viewer

April 15, 2012, UPDATE: added the ability to sort the data in the resulting report! Download the latest version below.

March 25, 2012, UPDATE: the Campaign Viewer now supports the ability to analyze data from multiple campaigns in the same spreadsheet!

This is a simple Excel spreadsheet that we made to help you better analyze your POF ad data by combining the data from POF and your tracking software into one report.  It supports both Prosper202 and CPVLab.  Being able to see your ROI and profit data per creative is, in my opinion, crucial to your success, and I found that most people weren’t doing it.

Note that everyone has different tracking codes.  While this Campaign Viewer will be suitable for most people out of the box, please contact us directly if it’s not working for you, and we will make it custom to your tracking links.  Unfortunately, the free Viewer is not currently compatible with dynamic tags used in POF click-through URLs.

This should really help people new to POF get started pretty quick!  Be sure to checkout our other free tools as well.

Download Free:

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Prosper202 or CPVLab
Microsoft Excel
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This tool is available for subscribers only. If you haven’t subscribed, simply join our mailing list on the right hand sidebar. If you have subscribed and cannot locate your password, please contact us directly.

Here is a screenshot of a sample report it generates:

iPyxel Basic Campaign Viewer

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  • Hey Tom, thanks for this tool.

    I’ve followed your instructions to the letter, but can’t get it to work. The “output” sheet never updates and I don’t see any of my numbers. Any suggestions?

  • Currently, the model doesn’t support dynamic tokens in click through URLs. Once you take that out you should be good. Or else, send it over and I’ll fix it for you custom.

  • Hey Tom, looks very cool. But is not working for me yet.

    My P202 reports/analyze/keywords is empty…(or [no keywords])
    What should I pass with &t202kw=?
    Maybe {creativeid:}?

    Also, just need Your advise, how do You setup custom variables in P202?
    My looks like that now: &c1=US&c2={state:default}&c3={age:default}&c4={creativeid:}&t202kw=
    But I still looking for optimal structure…

    Thanks in advance

  • Hey Robin,

    Yes I would pass through the creative ID dynamic token if you’re relatively new. It should show up as number codes in your P202. Get that right first before you mess around with other stuff.


  • Hey Tom…trying to use this tool but PoF’s daily creative opens in 1 single cell on Excel…Unlike p202 which has a seperate cell for each component(campaign name, creative, clicks, etc…)

    Therefore i can’t use the tool…Have you encountered this and found a solution?

    thanks in advance

  • I’ve had the same problem, there are three solutions for it:

    1st Solution:

    You can find here

    2nd Solution:

    Open Excel. Go to File –> Open. Search for the csv file, ‘change file of type’ to ‘all files’ if necessary. When you select the file and open it, you should run the text import wizard. Select “Delimited” and Next, change the delimiters to “Comma” and Next. Click finish.

    3rd Solution:

    Save the csv file from POF as “txt”, and open it with Excel, then just follow the steps above… 

    I’ve done the first step, and it worked for me..
    Good luck!

  • This should since there are no macros so it should be compatible across all Excel 2007 and later.  If it never finishes loading it could mean that the program crashed before completing calculations.  The workbook does take quite a bit of power to do all those calculations.

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