Feature of the Month: Lazy Loading Pixels

Apr 23 By Raven Chapman

Lazy loading – deferring loading objects until they are needed – is becoming more common given it increases the efficiency of websites by only loading content that the visitor will actually view. This means that the content above the fold of the page will be the only content to load. Anything below that fold will sometimes not load until a visitor navigates towards them.

Google announced that they will be enabling lazy loading by default on Chrome 75 beginning in May, 2019.

What does this mean for pixel tracking? If you have an iframe or image pixel placed below the fold it will not always be automatically loaded and could cause some clicks (via LP pixel) and conversions (via iframe or image) to not track.

Our team here at ThriveTracker has released an update to the below pixels to support this update by Chrome.

  • New Landing Page (LP) Pixel
  • New Iframe Pixel
  • New Image Pixel

Our team added in loading=”eager” to our pixel codes to get around lazy loading and allow the pixels to fire whether they are placed above or below the fold of a page.

New Landing Page Pixel Code Additions:

New Iframe Pixel:

New Image Pixel:

This addition to the code will not alter the current pixel state or behavior of any that are already in place. However, we highly recommend pulling an updated version with this new code if you are:

  • Using our Landing Page Pixel to track clicks to your landing page. Our LP pixel needs to be placed by the closing body tag of your page code, which is going to be below the fold of the page.
  • Using our iframe pixel or image pixel to track conversions on your offer and have it placed in the source code of an offer page’s thank you page below the fold of the page. (If you have your pixel placed in your affiliate network’s platform, it should still work as is but your network will want to make sure that their own pixels are set up to get around lazy loading so that their own pixel fires and piggyback fires your Thrive pixel.)

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