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May 10 By ThriveTracker

How to get the most out of Email notifications?

The latest novelty with which ThriveTracker improves and raises its service to a higher level are email notifications. A simple yet powerful tool that comes with many benefits such as reaching Offer Cap Limit and ROI Changes. What exactly are email notifications and why are they important?

Free assistant

Imagine a little free assistant who will automatically show you all the ways to improve your performance and provide maximum professionalism in providing services. Email notifications are that helper.

Email notifications are a type of triggered email — email that’s sent in response to specific user action or another event.

They help deliver a great user experience and are one of the most influential tools that product management teams have to drive conversion, retention, and growth.

How do they work?

Thanks to the insights gained through email notifications, you will know where you’re missing out as well as what brings the expected result. Collected data will help you understand your audience and their thoughts, based on which you will plan future steps.

Email notifications can be seen as daily guidelines and instructions that will help you expand your ability to measure, manage, and improve results in the long haul.

Settings of email notifications are simple and use the wizard method. They give us a wide range of options and opportunities to try and test what works in our case. A high level of personalization through filters is available, thus achieving maximum optimization and systematicity.

Try it on your own

Now that you know what email notifications are for and what benefits they bring, it’s time to give them a try, if you haven’t already. Just click on the exclamation mark icon in the upper right corner and select See all notifications option. In the configuration section, select create notification configuration and use the wizard to optimize the content of your email notifications. Check the support article here!
If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please email our team at Your feedback is appreciated and will improve every segment of our business.

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