Build Your Own Mobile Landing Pages With Dreamweaver (2-Videos-in-1!)

May 19 By Aziz Kamara

We’ve done posts on how to create certain elements for landing pages, including scripts and jquery to make more interactive and more alluring landing pages. We’ve even created a video on how to create a full landing page, start to finish.

With the ever growing prominence of mobile, however, we figured we should create some short guides on how to create landing pages specifically for mobile devices.

We barely touched the surface with a previous post regarding tools and principles behind creating a mobile landing page, so this time we went ahead and created two videos that will give you the basic guidance on how to create mobile landing pages, first hand, using Dreamweaver and a little help from a css gradient generator.

Part 1

Part 2

Note: Download the above mobile page to start integrating your own ideas for your mobile landing pages today!

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