Add Offers & LPs in Bulk to THRIVE via a CSV File

Dec 3 By Aziz Kamara

From day 1, we at iPyxel Creations have been all about automation in performance marketing. Across our 3 products, that is the ultimate end goal: to automate your entire operation as much as possible.

THRIVE is no different. Today, we bring you another automation feature that will allow you to add landing pages and offers into THRIVE in bulk. It feels pretty good when hundreds of landing pages can be uploaded at once!

New Feature: Add Offers & LPs in Bulk via a CSV File

You can now upload a CSV file, containing hundreds of landing pages (or offers), upload them into THRIVE, and all those landing pages will be added into the system automatically. Boom.

We provide a CSV template file that’s super easy to use. There’s a different column for every field of the landing page:

This is particularly useful if, for example, you have hundreds of pop-under landing pages that you need to add to the system to split test. The offers page also has the same function!

We have now made it 100x easier to import your campaigns from any other tracker you’ve been meaning to get off of and hop on THRIVE!

Other Automation Features for LPs & Offers

As a reminder, there’s a bunch of other features that can automate your marketing in terms of managing your landing pages and offers.

  • Duplicate Offers/LPs: Select a number of offers and LPs, go to the “Select Action” drop down, and click “Duplicate Selected”. This will immediately create duplicates of all items selected.
  • Swap Offers/LPs: Wherever an offer or landing page is running, you can swap it out for another offer or landing page. A specific offer can be running in multiple different campaigns, under certain redirection rules, and all over the place. If all of a sudden it goes down, use the Swap Offer feature, and within seconds, that offer is replaced with another one.
  • Match Offers/LPs: Have an offer or landing page that’s been doing pretty well across the board? You can match that offer or landing page with new offers or landing pages to split test against everywhere the original offers or landing pages are running so that you are always testing to be running the best performers.
    Hope that our focus on automation makes your lives easier. If you have any questions on how to use these features, our support team is always here to help.

Hope that our focus on automation makes your lives easier! We all need a little help so we can put our time into activities of higher return.

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