5 Simple Tips That Will Help You Write Effective Headlines

Nov 11 By Aziz Kamara

I love being able to give people advice on ways that they can improve their campaigns. So with that being said, I’ve been asked a wide variety of questions from how to build a landing page, how to optimize on various levels, and how to create quality ads. Well, if you’ve followed our blog, you have probably figured out that we haven’t really touched on the subject of ad copy. We haven’t touched posts on copy a whole lot mostly because when it comes to writing quality content, there are already a lot of books and posts available to anyone who wishes to learn.

However, in recent conversation I realized that for a lot of marketers, there’s actually so much content in writing good copy, it’s almost too hard to figure out where to start. So, in an attempt to try and fill that void, I wanted to provide some methods you can use which I hope will get you on your way to developing a better understanding of how to create quality headlines for your ads. Instead of giving you a full, all-encompassing list of methods and tactics, I decided to condense some strategies I use into 5 simple tips. Watch the video to follow along!

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