The Highest Paying Referral Program for a Tracking Platform

Oct 3 By Aziz Kamara

Since our launch of THRIVE a little over 1 week ago, the response has been spectacular, so thank you everyone for the support and the continued support. We hope to really build this out into a massive automation beast of a machine for a long long time.

If you haven’t checked it out yet and taken THRIVE for a spin, do it now!

Announcing the Referral Program for THRIVE

We are excited to announce our affiliate program where anyone can promote THRIVE and get paid on a revenue-share basis. Anyone you refer, you will get 15% of all revenue from that user forever.

This is by far the highest paying affiliate program for a tracking platform, ever.

Start promoting right away before someone else refers all the users! This thing is going to seriously take off at the rate we’re going, especially over the next couple of months, so do not wait!

To access details about the affiliate program, you have to log into your iPyxel account, click on the “Affiliate” tab, and select THRIVE.

Or, this link takes you directly to the THRIVE Affiliate Referral Page to get your links.

New Features Already

It’s only been 1 week after launch, and we’ve already fixed a bunch of issues and already released a few new features:

  • IP address and IP range redirection rules
  • URL parameter redirection rules
  • OS version redirection rules
  • Conversion testing links for individual campaigns
  • Specific sub ID searching

That’s just a taste. We’re just getting started. There are major features in the plans that I don’t want to reveal quite yet :).

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