Feature of the Month: Lazy Loading Pixels

Posted By Raven Chapman on Apr 23 2019

Lazy loading – deferring loading objects until they are needed – is becoming more common given it increases the efficiency of websites by only loading content that the visitor will actually view. This means that the content above the fold of the page will be the only content to load. Anything below that fold will…

Feature of the Month: Rev-Share

Posted By Raven Chapman on Mar 21 2019

As of this week, our brand new rev-share feature has gone live. This incredible tool has many uses and benefits, especially for those of you who work in teams and want increased privacy regarding your revenue. Setting up offers in Thrive using our rev-share rules allows our clients to reduce the visible revenue amount by…

Top 5 Ways to Organize ThriveTracker for Long-Term Success

Posted By Raven Chapman on Mar 7 2019

Organizing your tracker is key to running successful campaigns and increasing your profit. Here at ThriveTracker, we provide you with as many organizational tools as possible to position you for success. While the possibilities are endless, we’ve identified our top 5 favorite ways to organize within Thrive. Check out the tips below!   1. Label Items…

Thriving Partnerships: UF Brings ThriveTracker into the Classroom

Posted By Raven Chapman on Jan 25 2019

“If you imagine a product as the human body, the bones represent the code which gives it structure. The organs represent the UX design: measuring and optimizing against input for supporting life functions. And UI design represents the cosmetics of the body–its presentation, its senses, and reactions.” – Emil Lamprecht User Experience Design: something all of us…

Affiliate World Europe: ThriveTracker’s Guide to Barcelona

Posted By Olivia Epstein on Jun 20 2018

Headed to Affiliate World Europe? To help you map out your trip to one of the most popular destinations in the world, we’ve compiled a list of ThriveTracker’s “Must Dos”.