Flagging Whitelisted or Blacklisted Traffic Source Variables in Tracker

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Jan 10 2017

Thrive tracks the performance of custom variables such as keywords, geo-targets, site IDs, publishers, demographics, and much more from your traffic sources, but when you do something with those custom variables on those traffic source, such as blacklisting a particular underperforming keyword or increasing the bid of a well-performing geo target, there isn’t anything you…

Reduce Campaign ROI Volatility: User Similarity Control

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Jan 16 2012

Just about everybody’s experienced this once they start building profitable campaigns: one day the campaign will be 100%+ ROI and the  next in the red.  While day-to-day volatility cannot be avoided due to seasonal changes, demographic changes, trend changes, inadequate sample sizing, and a whole host of issues, you can certainly reduce it. What happened…