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How to Track Multi-Step Up-Sell Funnels: Offer Attributions

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Feb 7 2015

Last week, we did a tutorial on Method 1 of tracking up-sells: tracking One-Click Up-sells. Today, we will introduce a more complicated, but perhaps more powerful, way of tracking up-sells that allows you to attribute up-sell conversions to different offers. So, you can have an offer for the primary conversion, and separate offers for each…

How to Track Multi-Step Upsell Funnels: One-Click Up-Sells

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Jan 31 2015

If you need to track up-sells for your campaigns, we’ve got you covered in this post. There are 2 ways to track up-sells, and there are benefits to each. Of course, we’ll be demonstrating this with the best tracking platform on the planet: THRIVE. Method 1: One-Click Up-Sells This Method 1 allows you to add…