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Attention-Grabbing CTA’s Part 2: Creating Interactive Landing Page Elements

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Aug 12 2012

In Part 1 of Creating Attention-Grabbing CTA’s you learned how to create animated GIFs in Adobe Photoshop. For Part 2, I wanted to show you how you can make interactive images using JavaScript and Dreamweaver. The first element in this video uses an expansion JavaScript which I grabbed a while back from which has…

Attention-Grabbing CTA’s Part 1: Animated GIFs With Photoshop

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Jul 30 2012

It’s a fact: when a person is more engaged in an advertisement or activity, the likelihood of that person taking action (buying something, calling a number, submitting an e-mail, etc…) increases. You can engage the user by posing a question (asking questions solicit an internal response, thus engaging the reader) presenting a miniature interactive game…