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POF Case Study: Cheap Clicks at a High Bid With the 960×110 Banners

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Jan 20 2013

Recently, the team over at Plenty of Fish unveiled the large-and-in-charge 960×110 banner. This banner is served in the same areas as the small ads as well as the wide banners and, while at first glance, it appears as though it’s just a slightly larger version of the current 728×90 banner, it seems to be…

POF Case Study: The CPM Bid vs. Quality (CTR, CVR, ROI) Relationship

Posted By Aziz Kamara on May 13 2012

A couple weeks ago, we did a case study on how bidding affected volume. The case study showed that after some point, increasing the bid had very little effect in increasing volume. In today’s case study, we tackle the other question: does changing bids affect traffic quality? Higher quality can be defined in terms of…

POF Case Study: The CPM Bid vs. Volume Relationship

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Apr 29 2012

POF’s self-serve platform implements a CPM-based bidding system that does not take into account incremental bids, meaning what you bid is what you pay. If you have even run a few campaigns on POF, you must have wondered what a higher bid actually buys you. We know that a higher bid is supposed to give…