broad targeting

Reduce Campaign ROI Volatility: User Similarity Control

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Jan 16 2012

Just about everybody’s experienced this once they start building profitable campaigns: one day the campaign will be 100%+ ROI and the  next in the red.  While day-to-day volatility cannot be avoided due to seasonal changes, demographic changes, trend changes, inadequate sample sizing, and a whole host of issues, you can certainly reduce it. What happened…

Don’t Waste Ad Spend! Implement “Negative Targeting”

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Jan 11 2012

The vast majority of those advertising on POF will do “broad” targeting campaigns at one point or another.  I define broad targeting as targeting a relatively large group of people, who are probably very different from one another, but there is no way to distinguish between them in POF.  In other words, “broad” just means…