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Spotlight – Native Media Buying Gets Smarter with

Posted By on Nov 17 2017

As automation takes a continuously larger role in affiliate marketing, ThriveTracker is hard at work to keep up with the times. This post was designed in conjunction with the team over at, to highlight how easy and effective it is to pair up ThriveTracker with a strong native traffic source like RevContent and start using the platform…

POF CPM Optimization: Find the Exact CPM to Maximize Profit

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Sep 16 2012

Now that you’ve gotten full grasp of the basics of CPM bidding on POF, let’s jump ahead and assume that you’ve found your profitable creatives. Now you’re ready to hold everything else constant and find the CPM that produces the most profit for that campaign. Your first inkling might be to duplicate your existing campaign…

How Bidding Works and What to Bid on POF

Posted By Aziz Kamara on Sep 9 2012

POF’s CPM-based bidding system can be confusing for people who are more familiar with CPC bidding systems. If you’re used to Facebook’s CPC bidding system, I promise you that once you get used to POF’s system, even though it’s not perfect, it will further justify your hatred toward the Facebook ad platform. POF Bidding System…