POF Optimization/Management Platform Design Sneak Peek

May 6 By Aziz Kamara

As most of you know, we have been hard at work on a POF management/optimization/automation platform for the past several months. It’s taking us longer than expected due to the quality of the tool that I want to come out with. It will include 90% of the requested features that I’ve ever gotten, and I promise it will be an extremely useful platform and game-changer for POF. I’m not just referring to beating out your competition. I’m talking about monetizing your current traffic more efficiently so that the traffic source as a whole will return more to affiliates.

You will have the ability to market on POF from one, self-hosted location. No more exporting reports from multiple sources. You will be able to upload campaigns efficiently, track and generate reporting on all fronts, split test offers and landing pages with ease, automatically schedule day-parting, and much more. And we’ve found an official name for all this goodness: POF Pro.

I just wanted to reassure you guys that we are getting closer and closer to a beta on this since I know it’s taking longer than expected. To give you a sneak peak, I’m posting 2 initial concept designs that we’ve been through so far. The end product will probably look way different than these (i.e much better), but it’s a sneak peak that will hopefully satisfy you guys for the interim!

PS, thanks for the great response to the volume case study last week. We’ve been working on a bid vs. quality case study that I will hopefully be able to have up next week. Stay tuned!

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  • Looks cracking so far Tom.  Can’t wait, especially the day parting – biggest headache of POF

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