Mimic Any Offer Page In 9 Minutes or Less

Nov 5 By Aziz Kamara

Ever since we began creating video tutorials on how to create a landing page, we seemed to always get one similar question: How to make a landing page that’s versatile, yet mimics the offer page. I dismissed this question quickly because I figured that it was a hasty question and that with a quick Google search that they would find the answer to their question in an instant.

But recently I was brought back to the first time I found out about how to use a screen capture in collaboration with some Photoshop, when suddenly a myriad of landing pages flew into my lap. It opened my eyes and now I never split-test landing pages without including at least one “mimicked” landing page. So in a belated attempt to answer the above question, I created the video below. In this video tutorial, I show you how you too can create personalized and versatile landing pages that still maintain quality elements of your offer pages.

Click below to follow along!

Side Note: As a small freebie, below is the CTA button template which I use in the video and never leave home without. I hope you can make just as much use out of it as I have!
[wpdm_file id=8]

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  • Great tutorial. Really benefiting from all the landing page vids! Could you explain how you are cutting the social proof icons using the curved rectangular tool. It seems you go about it using one drawn out shape and moving it over to the next icon. Can’t work it out.

    keep up the great work.



  • Thanks! Yeah, the tool I used is located on the left side (which can be quick-selected by typing “u”), and is used to draw shapes. The tool has different settings including an ellipse tool, rectangle tool, polygon tool, and line tool. Just right-click on the tool icon to select the “rounded rectangle tool”. I used a 10px radius

    Next, using the Path Selection tool (hotkey A) right-click on the shape you just made, select “make selection” then just copy, paste, and repeat.

    You can do this more easily with the marquee tool (hotkey M) and just take a rectangular copy of the icon area, but for the sake of getting the desired icon shape without any excess background image, I like using the method I used in the video

  • Awesome tutorial on how to mimic an offer page. What is that program you used to work on the php part of the landing page? I am not tech savvy so it would be a great help if I knew what software you used in the video. Thanks!

  • Wow, that is interesting. I will surely try the techniques; that is exactly what I have been struggling with over the past years. thanks for sharing. I will check out DreamWaver.

  • Thank you for a WONDERFUL video & for the button template. Both of these tools will get some good use from me. Again – THANK YOU!!

  • I am also having problems with this part… I could not make it work. I could do the make selection but then copy and paste is doing nothing… Any clues?

  • Hmm, are you selecting the correct layer? When you try to copy, do you get an error message saying no pixels are available? If you’re not getting that message, check your layers (in the bottom-right area of your window).

    Note: Photoshop will tell you when you’re trying to copy an empty space, so if you’re able to copy part of a selected layer without that message popping up, that means you’re copying something.

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