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Spotlight – A Smarter Way to Manage Your Native Ads: ThriveTracker and

Posted By Kelly Holleran on Jan 30 2020

Automation is becoming larger in the performance marketing space and for good reason. ThriveTracker is excited to announce that we are now integrated with, an automation tool that allows you to better optimize and manage your native ads. has done the work for you so that you can easily integrate with the largest…

ThriveTracker’s Latest Release is a Game-Changer for Q4

Posted By Kelly Holleran on Oct 23 2019

From the beginning, your feedback has been our top priority – because who knows better about what helps your business than you! Recently, we received a request that was so good, we knew it had to be released to all our Thrive users. Introducing our new Javascript Pixel – and just in time for busy…

ThriveTracker’s New Dashboard Showcases Your Biggest Opportunities

Posted By Kelly Holleran on Nov 28 2018

At ThriveTracker, we take pride in pushing to stay ahead of the curve. So it should come as no surprise that for our latest update, we had some big ideas. The team is excited to announce the most recent improvement to the ThriveTracker platform – our newly redesigned dashboard. With our latest update, not only…

Thrive’s Cloud Service Now Compatible with Parallel Tracking

Posted By Kelly Holleran on Oct 30 2018

We’re sure you’ve heard the news – as of October 30, 2018, Parallel Tracking is now required for all Google Ads accounts. It’s one of Google’s many initiatives in the push to improve landing-page load-times, and this will affect everyone using a third-party click tracker.

Tracking Landing Page Clicks: Now Without Cookies

Posted By Kelly Holleran on Sep 14 2018

With an increasing number of browsers starting to heighten their privacy protections, tracking visitors by using cookies has become progressively more difficult. Up until now, tracking cookies have been a default tracking method for marketers trying to target online consumers. But as mobile users increase, and internet browsers become ever more regulated, the cookie is…