Company Overview

ThriveTracker’s mission is to create innovative demand-side technology to allow businesses and brands of all sizes access to efficient management, automation, and optimization of digital ad campaigns. We promote do-it-yourself digital advertising and performance based customer acquisition.

We strive to maintain a personal dialogue with our customers, followers, and partners so that we may pinpoint the needs of our stakeholders, properly serve the needs of our ecosystem, bring transparency to digital advertising, and advance our industry as a collective.

Our product aims to make campaign creation, ad management, and performance optimization more efficient through automation and cross-platform data aggregation. We focus on performance, customer acquisitions, and the bottom line.

ThriveTracker was acquired by Clickbooth in March of 2017. Read full press release here.

The Team

      TOM FANG
     Tom Fang
Tom is the founder of ThriveTracker, which he bootstrapped upon leaving an early career in real estate private equity. He has a relentless passion for product, design, and user experience. Prior to advertising technology, Tom was analyzing and executing large real estate investment transactions at Walton Street Capital, a multi-billion dollar private equity fund. He graduated magna cum laude from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.Sc. in Economics.

      Director of Sales
     Stephen Ierardi
Stephen is ThriveTracker’s Director of Sales. Determined to make ThriveTracker the most valuable asset for performance marketers of all expertise levels, Stephen is your go to contact for on-boarding information, feature requests and tips on how to get the most out of the platform and your online marketing spends. Before diving into the digital marketing world in 2013, he spent years working as a property wholesaler, dealing with multi-million dollar clients and investors. He’s also an accomplished musician and Professional Ultimate Frisbee Player for the Jacksonville Cannons.

     VP of Engineering
     David Fairbanks
David is ThriveTracker’s founding engineer and a true full stack engineer. He’s been developing complex web applications for over 12 years with a focus and passion for difficult challenges on the back-end. He is the brain behind ThriveTracker’s core technology and is in charge of our globally distributed AWS architecture. Previously, David was Studio Manager at Jay Silverman Productions in Hollywood where he worked in cinematography and maintained servers and web applications.

     Software Engineer
Darko is a Senior Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in enterprise development. Before joining the ThriveTracker team he worked as the lead developer on many software development projects in the advertising industry. He is also experienced in the development of games and native mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

     Software Engineer
     Josh Bernitt
Josh joined ThriveTracker in 2015 as a software engineer, utilizing his years of experience as a full stack engineer in startup, as well as corporate, environments. Prior to ThriveTracker, Josh supported the FDIC service operations contract for the Computer Science Corporation. Josh graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, specializing in software engineering with a minor in mathematics.

     Software Engineer
     Aaron Peterson
Aaron brings to ThriveTracker nearly 18 years of full stack and iOS development experience and has worked closely with large distributed architectures for the past decade. Prior to joining ThriveTracker, Aaron has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Ford Motor Co. and Ernst & Young but got his start in web development at age 19 coding e-commerce integrations at A certified app junky, he can often be heard bragging about how he was one of the first 5,000 Instagram users.

     Software Engineer
     Chris Purvis
Chris has been in web development for over the past decade, working on everything from robust and custom CMS’s, to online movie-making applications, to Flash games. Prior to ThriveTracker, Chris worked on a small business portal for Barclays and a churn-prediction application for a big-data startup. Chris graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in both Film and Computer Science. In his spare time, Chris enjoys writing science fiction and producing electronica.

     Customer Success
     Kevin Che
Kevin lives in the day-to-day weeds of our tracker, Thrive, with the single mindset of solving all client support requests as soon as possible. Additionally, he will be taking on other operational responsibilities. Prior to joining ThriveTracker, Kevin worked in product development, prototyping, and manufacturing. Kevin has a mechanical engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University. He’s also a self taught musician who enjoys recording and producing music.

     Customer Success
     Aziz Kamara
Aziz is absolutely dedicated to making our customer’s lives easier. He is relentless at finding the right answers, and he always goes the extra mile to serve our clients. In addition, he produces much of our blog posts. Prior to joining ThriveTracker, Aziz was an administrator at a hospital chain. Aziz attended North Dakota State University. Aside from performance marketing, Aziz is an avid musician with the guitar as his instrument of choice.